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Facial Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills - Functionality Improvements with Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery

Posted Apr 22 2011 7:58am
Beverly Hills and Southern California has been increasingly known for facial cosmetic surgery procedures as patients have received unprecedented benefits from their treatments. By consulting with a Facial Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills patients can receive a professional recommendation from someone who specializes exclusively in facial plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgeons can provide a series of procedures and treatments (both surgical and non-surgical) to treat features of the face, the ears, and neck. Each facial plastic surgeon will take an individualized approach to each patient’s procedure as no two patients are alike and will have different anatomies that will require different techniques. A great facial plastic surgeon will have a natural eye for aesthetics that can enhance the patients overall facial profile.
There is a common misunderstanding that facial plastic surgery is only used to improve facial features aesthetically. A majority of these procedures can actually improve functionality and a patient’s self-esteem. There are many men and women who receive fine lines and wrinkles from aging, however, some areas of the face may receive more visible signs of aging than others. With an Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills patients who have drooping eyelids or puffy under eye bags can receive a correction and cosmetic enhancement. An eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, not only cosmetically enhances the eye area by allowing patients to look rejuvenated, but also improves vision as a drooping eyelid may obstruct vision making it difficult to see clearly.
At times a blepharoplasty may be administered in conjunction with a facelift procedure. With a Facelift Beverly Hills patients can correct more advanced signs of aging like sagging of the forehead or jowls along the cheeks and jawline. A facelift procedure may be recommended to a patient that has lost fullness or volume in the face, and has specific areas of concern that can greatly benefit from a facelift procedure. A facial plastic surgeon may perform a specific type of facelift as there are many different types of techniques that can be implemented during a procedure, as well as a facelift procedure in conjunction with a blepharoplasty or neck lift surgery for optimal results.
When people think about facial plastic surgery people think about nose reshaping or facelift procedures, however, facial plastic surgery also tends to the ears. For some, growing up with protruding or large ears may have been embarrassing and taken a toll on their self-esteem. Now, there is a procedure to correct just that. With an Otoplasty or Ear Surgery Beverly Hills patients including children, can reshape the ears to a more natural position. Otoplasty is a simple procedure for pediatric patients with visible results directly following the procedure with full results showing after 2 weeks.
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