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Facelift Surgery - Achieve a More Balanced Facial Appearance

Posted Sep 20 2010 6:54pm

Modern cosmetic techniques have made it possible to alter existing facial features and enhance the beauty of the face tremendously. These techniques are safe and effective and have opened up a world of opportunities. With facelift surgery one can achieve a more balanced facial appearance and look beautiful.


Features Addressed by Facelift Surgeries


  • Eyelids: Some of us have droopy eyelids that even impair vision to some extent. This condition is worsened with age as the skin descends further. Puffy bags form under the lower lids, making the face look old and bleary. A facelift surgery called blepharoplasty can effectively deal with droopy or puffy eyelids and help to improve the condition by removing fat and excess skin.
  • Nose: Being the focal point of the face, the nose plays a very important role in adding to or marring facial beauty. A procedure known as rhinoplasty can effectively deal with a big or small nose and make it look more in proportion with the face. Even breathing function improves as a result.
  • Ears: Known as otoplasty, the surgical procedure to create or alter ear shape has been around for ages. This can help people with missing ears due to congenital deformity, and even enhance the hearing function.
  • Chin: The shape of the chin can be a good frame of the facial beauty. A simple facelift surgery can help to create a beautiful chin.
  • Cheek and lips augmentation: implants are used on the cheeks to make them look fuller and younger. Even the lips can be augmented to look full and soft.
  • Facelift: This procedure is for the skin which develops wrinkles and starts to sag due to age. The facelift helps to pull up the drooping skin and make it taut and youthful again. Even the extra fat and skin can be removed from the face with this procedure.


Facelift surgeryis a great option if your goal is to achieve a more balanced facial appearance. It helps to improve the facial symmetry with well-proportioned features enhancing the facial beauty to a great extent.

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