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Eye Shadows From Watsons

Posted Jun 14 2008 12:00am
I'm a bit of a pain... for some reason I saw these eyeshadows, never really put too much thought into it and grabbed them (pay day has that kind of effect on people sometimes). Here's the review and some swatches. First is a new palette from Maybelline (~RM24.90) which would actually be the first eyeshadow that I've ever gotten from Maybelline. Then I got 2 single shadows from Markwins which were only RM5 each thus I bought them for the sake of trying. Later on when I get pictures, I'll also add to the post, 2 of my Loreal Holographic (I think that's what it's called) single shadows.

Box #1: The 2 Markwins Shadow Pot. There's no color code. I just got the purple and the beige. For the Maybelline Shadow Palette I got it in Banana Split.

Box #2: First swatch is used wet, next 2 used dry without a base and the last swatch is with a base. Obviously, the color shows up best with a base or at least used wet. Used dry, the purple doesn't show at all while the beige is still acceptable. They both have shimmer but not too overpowering. I've tried the purple and the color does get a tad muddy as you blend and throughout the day. The highlight color isn't too bad so if you're looking for a cheap highlight color, you can go for it.

Box #3: The Maybelline palette colors. The top row is used without a base and bottom row with a base. The highlight color is ok without a base but the others don't show up very well. Although the staying power is still quite bad because it can't last me more than 6 hours. I like the highlight color very much and the pink is very sweet but the staying power is just blah. The highlight has gold speckles in it while the pink has silver specks. The applicator brush need not be thrown away because the brush end of it is actually quite decent for blending in color into the crease. I don't use the sponge end though. It's an ok pallete to carry around for times when u need a quick makeup. I don't like it all that much but it's convenient.

Box #4: After I've brushed off the eyeshadow.... the ones without any base doesn't stick at all compared to with the base. Very low pigmentation.
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