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Eye color guides your eye make-up

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:51pm

For today we searched for some hot tips about how to emphasize your eye color with the simple eye make-up. Read the article below and let us know what you think and what else would you like to find out about eye make-up.

We shall start with… any eye color:)! Because these are simple tricks that anyone can use!

  • Add a navy or charcoal base to give that classic look to your eyes, silver-sparkle shadow to define them for highlighting them add a powder-blue shadow
  • Brighten your brow bone so that your eye color pops.

Brown eyes and any kind of brown shades from dark brown to that beautiful golden brown brown eyes make-up

  • Blues (all shades) tend to look best on brown eyes.
  • You also have a choice to contrast brown eyes by using royal blue, hot pink or lime green.
  • If you have brown eyes then you should use the shades such as copper, bronze or brown to accent the brown eyes.

Green Color Eyes ] green eyes make-up color

  • For a doe-eyed look you can also add beige and khaki-green.
  • To  have that ultra-modern look you should use gold, lime-green, light green or bright purple shades.
  • If you have green or hazel eyes then you should brighten these lovely eyes with the shades such as brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green.
  • Violet or purple liners make hazel eyes stand out green.

Blue eyes

  • In order to get that smokey effect you should mix the darker eye shadow with a touch of eyes woman make-up blue
  • If you have blue eyes then you should use a darker shade of eye shadow than your eye color.
  • To brighten any shade of blue you can use silver, turquoise or even fuchsia.

Post from: Beautips

Eye color guides your eye make-up

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