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Extreme Short Summer Hair :: The Pixie Cut

Posted Jul 25 2012 9:06am
To pixie cut ones hair, from super long to super short takes some GUTS. Or a really big movie paycheck to make the scissors a bit easier to swallow if you're a Hollywood celeb.  I often get bored with my hair and dream about what it would look like to do something drastic like chopping it ALL off.  But then I keep seeing pictures of beautiful Anne Hathaway and how her look changed so dramatically after she cut it for her Les Miserable role and think twice about this idea...

{Anne's new boyish do via.

{Anne before the shears got her.}
This last picture of her hair makes me want to weep for her, because the long hair is just so gorgeous and shiny, and girly!!!  I understand cutting it off for a big movie, it's her job, it's her craft, it's just hair, it's not a big deal.  But man is it sad to see all that beautiful hair gone bye bye.
With it being so hot this summer, I would think having boy-type hair like this would be extremely beneficial in that it would be: 
  • super low maintenance to get ready in the a.m.
  •  you wouldn't have to worry with sweaty bangs or long hair sticking to your neck in the humidity
  • you would use or need to buy very little hair products
Here are some famous faces I think actually pull off this extreme short look with beautiful ease...

{Ginnifer Goodwin via .}
{Victoria Beckham via .}
{Natalie Portman via .}
Two things all 4 of these pixie cut ladies have in common - long skinny necks and absolutely gorgeous feminine facial features!!  Musts in order to pull this look off without someone calling Natalie "Nathan" or Victoria "Victor." Oh, and really good makeup - like smokey eyes, lots of lashes, and glossy lips so there's no denying your girly side.
Good news is, hair does grow back if you decide you don't like a pixie cut once it's been chopped.  But then there is always that awkward moment of "in-between" that seems to take months and months and months to grow back...

Would you or have you ever cut your hair drastically into a short pixie cut?  Did you love it or regret it?

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