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Exfoliation is an important part of skin care

Posted Jan 26 2009 5:15pm

Exfoliation is an important part of skin care. Irrespective of whether you have dry or oily skin, the health of your skin will benefit by regularly including exfoliation in your daily skin care regime.

About 80,000 facial skin cells die every day, which is why your skin can take on that dull, lustreless appearance, accentuating lines and wrinkles on your face if you do not include exfoliation in your daily skin care regime.

Many women still use commercial soaps that are harsh on your skin and contain chemicals you’d rather not know. The combination of these chemicals and the harshness of these soaps can leave your face dry, robbed of moisture and having removed the protective Acid Mantel, vulnerable to microbes and other potentially harmful environmental factors.

Exfoliation is the first step in any good daily skin care regime. Exfoliation can take a number of forms; you can use a facial clay gel-wash, which removes dirt, stale natural oils as well as gently remove the dead skin cells from your face, leaving your face clean, free of stale oils and dirt, and unblock the pores of your skin. Or, you can use products such as the Skin Renewal Gel from Wildcrafted Herbal Products or a multitude of other natural products that will help to remove the layer of dead skin cells.

Exfoliation is intended to do nothing more than remove dead skin cells, however, you need to be aware of how ‘ruff’ they are. For example, there are chemical exfoliants, which will not just attack the dead skin cells, but also harm living cells. This is not the aim of a quality exfoliant, on the contrary, exfoliation is supposed to help promote new growth of skin cells, not attack new cells.

Similarly, there are natural as well as non-natural exfoliants that have ingredients that can cause minute cuts and be quite abrasive to your facial skin. Some exfoliating gloves are also in the too hard category. Again this is not the type of product you would want to use.

Exfoliants should contain substances such as high quality clays, herbal extracts and essential oils that are gentle to your skin, but do remove the dead skin layer at the same time. Clay, for example, is made up of rounded particles and because of their shape, they will not irritate or cut your skin nor will they be abrasive to the skin. Essential oils, such as Chamomile are soothing, anti-septic and cleansing. Finally, a good exfoliant should be natural, gentle and contain ingredients that are cleansing and soothing to your skin.

When dealing with oily skin this is particularly important, as over stimulation of the skin will cause an increase in sebum secretion ultimately increasing the oiliness of the skin. Using mild cleansers, such as Wildcrafted's Lemon Cleanser is ideal, because its gentle actions will achieve the desired outcome without being harsh on the skin which would create a cycle of oiliness that just gets worse rather than better.

On the other hand, if your skin is dry, it tries to correct the moisture imbalance by producing and secreting more of its natural oils (sebum). Exfoliating using a hydrating cleanser, such as Wildcrafted's Hydrating Cleanser, or the Red Earth Facial Clay Mask will benefit your skin by open the pores and remove toxins and dead skin cells from the skin's surface, allowing the skin to breathe more naturally. In addition, with regular exfoliation (2-3 times weekly), fine lines will become less visible and your skin will have a healthy glow.

Exfoliation is not just for women, men too need to exfoliate their skin if they want healthy vibrant skin. After all, skin is skin, male or female and its functions are identical. The healthier the skin, the better all round.

Danny Siegenthaler is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and together with his wife Susan, a medical herbalist and Aromatherapist, they have created Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products to share their 40 years of combined expertise with you.

They practice Herbal and Chinese medicine at their Wildcrafted Cottage Clinic.

© Wildcrafted Herbal Products 2008



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