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Energy Efficiency Tips for Spas and Hot Tub Covers

Posted Nov 17 2012 2:59am

The following are some tips to conserve heat and energy for hot tubs. By doing so, owners spend less on energy and thereby reduce their overall energy costs.

Spa covers

Heat dissipates vertically. In a hot tub or spa, heat energy is lost through the mouth of the unit. Thus, when this area is insulated with covers, heat loss is prevented. In fact, spa covers are the best way to prevent heat loss from hot tubs or spas.

Unfortunately, a faulty hot tub or spa cover could worsen heat loss. Always replace a cover when it has become worn or less efficient. There are plenty of replacement hot tub covers available in the market that can effectively protect a unit and reduce costs.

Thermostat settings

This is another common sense activity like covering a unit with a cover. Most spas come with a standard temperature setting of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Lowering this standard temperature setting ensures the spa consumes less energy. Once the water in the hot tub has reached the required temperature, the temperature can be lowered on the thermostat. This is more economical than keeping it at the same temperature for prolonged periods of time.

Vacation settings

While on vacation or away from the house, use hot tub covers or spa covers to shield the unit from heat loss. Additionally, switch off the thermostat. Do this even when you are not using your hot tub for shorter periods of time.

If going on vacation for more than a week, turn off the heater or adjust the thermostat setting to the lowest level. However, do not do this during the winter. This could freeze the water inside the hot tub. Turn on the thermostat and let it provide some heat to the water inside the hot tub during winter months.

Heating during off-peak hours

Check with the power company for off-peak hours. During this time, you can heat the water in hot tubs and keep covers on them. Typically, these off-peak hours will be after 11 p.m. at night. The water in the hot tub must be heated to gain maximum benefits from covers. Given that you are using electricity during the off-peak hours, electricity rates you may incur will be low.

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