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Droopy eyelids may occur as a re ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

Droopy eyelids may occur as a result of multiple origins, and the problem can be accentuated by droopy eyebrows. It makes the eyes appear smaller and can unintentionally make you look bored, tired, angry or even sad despite not being consistant with your true feelings. Sometimes it can have more profound consequences such as blockage of your visual field, or the eyelid may turn inwards causing your eyelashes to irritate your eye. The problem may be hereditary in nature, develop from aging or post injury, and may have medical causes as well like nerve problems. 

Droopy eyelids occur when there is excess skin or fat in the eyelid, causing the sagging or drooping. Similarly, excess skin and fat deposited in the eyebrow region causes the brows to droop as well. Gravity and the loss of skin elasticity and eye muscle tone with age compounds the drooping problem. Ptosis and brow drooping often become apparent after the mid40s. 

If the problem is not too severe, the non surgical option is to use eye tape to lift the eyelid and allow the eyes to appear bigger and brighter. My previous post on creating and enhancing double eyelids with eye tape and eye glue can help persons with droopy eyelids too.

However, if there is significant drooping, or if vision is affected, surgical correction via blepharoplasty (correction of eyelid), ptosis repair or a brow lift is more appropriate. You will need consultation with your doctor to odecide on the suitable procedure for you.

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