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Does Having Face Work Still Carry a Stigma?

Posted Jan 11 2011 11:09pm

needles in face J  

The world is turning and the tides are shifting because facial plastic surgery is becoming less mainstream as words like natural, authentic and less-indulgent echo into our consciousness stream.

It wasn't so long ago that we watched celebrity after celebrity parade their frozen faces, plumped lips and refined noses down the red carpet. It is usually pretty easy to spot whose face has been touched by a scalpel and pricked by a needle; the cookie cutter effect is evidenced, too, in the celebrity magazines and blogs, some of it good, some of it not so good.

The not so good faces seem to sport a hard, misshapen, plastic look - some faces even appear to have been a victim of a fire - a fiery laser or overdone chemical treatments? Do you suppose they chose this look? Beauty treatments can include cosmetic surgery, liposuction, heat treatments, injections and more; sometimes the results can miss the mark and it is indeed sad when the results disappoint the person who just wanted to wear a younger looking face and a more shapely body.

Celebrities are not the only ones lamenting their surgery decisions because the procedures that were once coveted by only the well-to-do are now available to everyone with a decent credit rating. That's right - that new nose, breast enhancement, forehead injections and liposuction you've been considering can all be bought with plastic. You can buy whatever you want but no one can guarantee the results. 
Buyer beware!

Surgery gone wrong is displayed on many websites - did someone ignore the warnings?

The warnings have been posted for a long time - plastic surgery is surgery and surgery has many risks. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon does give you an edge towards a successful outcome but keep in mind that unless that surgeon is an artist, you may regret the results you are given, especially if your friends and family display a negative response to your cosmetic enhancements.

There is certainly nothing wrong wanting to look your absolute best and if you choose surgery and injections as a means for improvement, well, that's your prerogative but remember this: you do not need to risk your beautiful face to look younger.

Feeling comfortable in your skin can take on an even deeper meaning when you say no to injections that plump and paralyze facial features, say no to disfiguring surgical procedures and any modality that might cause you irreparable harm while draining your bank account of thousands of dollars.

So what do you do if you want help for a sagging face so that you look younger using sane and safe methods? One avenue is skincare. Skincare systems can resurface, exfoliate and nourish the face we present to the world but everyone knows that skincare alone is not enough to stop or reverse the development of a sagging, droopy face.

The needles and sutures can prop up sagging facial skin but these temporary fixes do not address the underlying cause of aging you see in the face. A face looks older because the muscles under the skin are soft and atrophied. These small elongating muscles pull the skin downward and this can be the beginning of wrinkles and folds.

Cheeks, mouths, eyes, forehead, jaw line and more are all affected by gravity, atrophy and weight of the muscles pooling into other muscles and muscle groups. Loose skin that develops as a direct result of weight loss and loss of volume is typically cut away if you choose surgery but what if you don't want surgery? Does Mother Nature offer another solution?

The answer is yes.

Facial exercise that uses resistance and anchoring techniques can greatly enhance every portion of the face and neck. Rather than cutting perfectly healthy tissue, subjecting your body to painful thermal/laser procedures or using a modality that may not produce the desired results, you can opt for a natural procedure that works for everyone.

Will you look younger when you complete the regimen? Most people respond with a resounding "yes!"

Just like exercise for the body produces results like a trimmer waistline, thinner thighs and a leaner looking torso, facial exercise enhances the hidden muscles by strengthening and repositioning them. This action has a very positive effect on your skin when oxygenated blood, blood with lots of healing nutrients, is forced into the tissue of the skin.

In just hardly any time at all, you will see dramatic lifting and toning of the facial features. Without risk or harm or the stigma of plastic surgery you do the face work using your thumbs and fingers to see the face you loved five, ten even fifteen years ago.

Author's Bio

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness. She has appeared on The View, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Doctors and other popular shows. Cynthia is co-host of The Ageless Sisters on and author of  The Magic of Facial Exercise. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children's inheritance. You may learn more about her anti-aging techniques at  and she welcomes your subscription to her FREE content rich  newsletter at    

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