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Do your lips get wrinkly if you stop filling them with Juvederm or Restylane?

Posted Dec 30 2010 2:16pm

Hi and thanks for any help/info. I am intending to get my lips filled and I am just wondering if there are any effects if you stop continuing to get them filled. Like if once the filler is absorbed will my lips look deflated with loose skin, or show more wrinkles than would be naturally present. I don’t have any visible wrinkles there yet, but would hate to end up with them because I got them filled. Thanks again.

I have not seen lips become more wrinkled or deflated after filler augmentation. My sense is that if you go to someone experienced who will do a subtle job, you have nothing to worry about – your skin will bounce back without incident. The injections will actually probably help the skin due to the collagen stimulation that takes place as a result of the filler being in there. I’m not as sure about the cases where people get their lips way overfilled. Aside from walking around looking silly, these people may develop some stretch marks over time as the filler goes away. So natural and subtle not only looks good, but is probably good for you in the end.

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