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Do you prefer online shopping or physical shopping? {Your Opinion}

Posted Jan 30 2012 1:30pm
For me, I would say online shopping is far more easier but it doesn't really fulfill the need for a shopping therapy if you are looking out to destress yourself.

Pro's of Online Shopping
Easier, convenient, at the click of a finger, you really don't have to exert yourself, no need to carry the large shopping bags all the way to the car or your home, everything delivered on the door step just wrapped nicely giving a feeling of a gift, exciting to wait for 1-2 days for the delivery, secure enough now a days with the option of COD, no need to go to a shop when you feel damn lazy and you run out of a thing which you badly need for a party tonight (ok, may be it's not that quick yet)!!! 
Let us talk about the Con's I like the feel of seeing and holding the thing and deciding whether to buy it or not. This is not possible in the virtual shopping. And, consequently, it might be a little disappointing at times. Also, I can carry my goodies in the physical shopping immediately and enjoy them. You have gotta wait in the online shopping option. And, sometimes, the manufacturing of the product might have been too old for your liking. And, physical shopping is definitely funner when you have friends and family with you.
What do you think - which one is better for you?
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