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Do you like Dark Chocolates? {Your Opinion}

Posted Nov 18 2012 1:30pm

Yummyyyyyy!!! I have to confess. I have soooooooooooooo much craving for sweets these days and not the normal sweets like pastries and brownies and cakes and all but the pure Indian ones which are totally smacking of Desi Ghee :D Jalebis, Rasmalai, Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa, Kaju Barfi........yumm!!

I am missing them and my mouth is already watering...ummmm :D Anyways. lets come back to today's topic. So, do you like dark chocolates. You already know my answer. The first word of the post. But, let me talk about how I started liking them. Now, dark chocolates are an acquired taste.

So, once, someone told me that you are not supposed to eat it all at once. Its supposed to be relished everyday a tiny bit. Then, my Europe trip happened and I went to Switzerland from where I got wine dark chocolates and loads of others.
In fact, one I got had 72% cocoa and trust me when I say IT WAS VERY DARK!! And, the more darker the chocolate, more bitter it is. And, if you like sugary sweet things, be prepared to gag for the first time you put it in your mouth. But, once you start flavouring it bit by bit everyday, you are on your way to love Dark Chocolates. 
And, that's my success to loving one of the best things in life :) And, do you know that cocoa has lot of anti-oxidants and are a great anti-aging treatment as well?? Yup, see, chocolates are not so bad after all!! And, so, do you like Indian sweets or the dark chocolates or the usual pastry and brownie stuff??
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