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Do men in your life take care of their skin? {Skin Care}

Posted Aug 26 2012 12:24pm
Well, at present, I just have my father and yes, he is very conscientious about his skin. He uses anti-aging cream from Garnier and does love to try out various things :D In fact, yesterday, he was telling me how I completely filled up his closet with my products!!! I keep a stock of products in Delhi so I won't have to travel with my toilet kit and even then, every time my toilet kit weighs more than my clothes!! Yeah, I am weird.

And, since their closet is full, mom and dad decided that they will use up my products!! And, my mom is one who doesn't really bother a lot. So, the duty falls into dad's responsibilities. So, yesterday, we fell into talking about things and I said that don't forget to do the same things with the neck as your do with the face and my dad was like "ya ya, otherwise it will look different na"!! And, honestly, I was astonished :D

So, do you have any men in your life who look after their skin as well? And, speaking of which, I got a mail saying my haul has been dispatched and I am looking forward to recieveing it...yay!! I just can't wait to start using the products, more so the shampoo. Oh yes, that also reminds me that I have got to go for a hair cut on Monday or Tuesday!!
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