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Do Bath Bombs Boost Buoyancy?

Posted Jan 10 2010 10:01pm

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Kathryn’s question…Does adding these [bath bomb] salts or Epsom salts change the flotation properties of the water, a la the Dead Sea?

The Right Brain responds:

Kathryn’s question came as a comment in response to our post on the Top 5 Best Bath Bombs. Normally we leave these kinds of questions to the Left Brain, but this time I couldn’t resist. Let’s see what it would take to make you float in your bath tub like you would in ocean water. If we do the math here’s what you get:

Bath bomb math

The average bathtub is somewhere around  50 gallons of water which is roughly 190 liters.  The salt content (aka “salinity”) of the ocean is about 35 grams of salt per liter of water. So, if you filled your tub with ocean water you’d have almost 7 kilograms (or 15 pounds) of salt. The average bath bomb weighs about 6 ounces (170 grams) and if we assume that we could make a bath bomb that contained roughly 75% salt (you still have to have the ingredients that make it fizzy, or it wouldn’t be a bath bomb!), that would give us 127 grams of salt per bomb. That means you’d need about 55 bath bombs in your tub to make you as “floaty” as you would be in the ocean.

Do us a favor, if you decide to try this experiment buy your bath bombs from the link above so we can make a few bucks. It isn’t cheap running this blog – you wouldn’t believe what we spend each week just on wine for Sarah Bellum!

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