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Disguise nose imperfections with makeup

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:02pm

Perfection is very rare and should not discourage us if our features show some asymmetry. You must know that some of these asymmetric features offer you the “you personality”!

This article is about hiding any nose imperfections with the help of make-up. With a little patience we can to soften the imperfections with colors, with hairstyle…even make them invisible.

barbara streisand big noseLong nose, may seem shorter, if you shade the root (1 cm) with slightly darker foundation (beige brown) and use the same shade on the top of your nose. Try to keep your eyebrows straight and slightly away from eyes and a nice fringe will also soften the long nose problem.

If you have a big noseuse foundation that is darker than skin color with two shades, also, you offer it a “smaller nose” illusion wearing fringe and highlights to change the point of interest of your face.

Thick nose will be shaded in parts, enlightened in the middle (nose stripe) with a lighter color powder. Eyebrows should be close to the nose, with curved shape.

Will correct the flattened nose with darker shades of foundation than the ones you usually use on the face. Apply the same darker foundation on the wings of the nose (the sides). Eyebrows have to be close to the nose.

angelina jolie small nose profileSmall and thin nose will be shaded in the sides and top with lighter foundation. Wear your hair anyway you want because you are a lucky one, but be careful with the eyebrows, they have to be close to the nose, thin and in a curved shape.

You can correct a deviated septum asymmetry by using darker foundation on the specific area and on the other side lighter foundation.

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Disguise nose imperfections with makeup

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