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DIEP Flap Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

Posted Aug 18 2010 12:40am

Mastectomy is many times a necessary step in the treatment of breast cancer. But it can leave a sense of loss and decrease self esteem to many women. Breast reconstruction surgery flap can alleviate these feelings. DIEP flap microsurgical breast reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure which can give back the natural look and shape of the breast.

DIEP Flap for Natural Breast Reconstruction

DIEP flap is one of the best and widely recommended reconstruction procedures for the breast. Plastic surgeons make use of autologous tissue – which is the patient’s own living tissue instead of artificial implants. Skin from the abdominal region along with fat and the inferior epigastric artery is surgically relocated to the chest to create the new breast.

As an improved and evolved form of the TRAM reconstruction technique, there is decreased risks or complications associated with the procedure. Moreover, a DIEP flap has a significantly reduced risk of hernia formation, as no muscle or fascia is removed from the abdomen. This minimizes the extent of scarring and the post surgical discomfort experienced by patients. Full recovery is achieved in about six weeks’ time after which all activities can be resumed including vigorous abdominal exercises.

An Effective Surgical Procedure with Lasting Results

DIEP flap microsurgical breast reconstruction is an effective surgical procedure, which makes the breasts look quite natural and feel just as other parts of the body. There is a decreased chance of follow-up surgery. Not many plastic surgeons undertake this customized and result-oriented procedure. There are only a select few skilled plastic surgeons in the US who are experienced in this field and are capable of delivering long-lasting, quality results for their patients.


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