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Dealing With Heightened Sense Of Smell {Pregnancy}

Posted Sep 04 2012 2:30pm
My sense of smell isn't strong at all. Even when the food burns when left on the gas for long, I can barely smell it from the next room. But during pregnancy, my nose all of sudden started working and was out of my control. Yes, one of the biggest disadvantages is heightened sense of smell. 

Its not always same with everyone. The strength varies from person to person but for me, it used to result in nausea and vomiting. Doctors say estrogen is responsible for this. When your estrogen rises, your smell sense also rises. So, I followed some things to manage this issue:
  • Smells tend to cling to the body and nose sometimes. So, I used to carry a perfume or any scent with me all the time. This was helpful especially at some public places. Even the body odours of other people affect me a lot so I tend to stay away from closed spaces like lifts.  
And, most important thing during pregnancy is to be happy and calm. Hope the post was helpful. Do let me know your views on the post :) 

As I notified a few days back, Punam is on board as an occasional contributor to Perfect Skin Care for you. Hope you enjoy her posts. And, I also hope she becomes a regular contributor :)

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