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David vs. David vs. our DVR

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:10pm

Like seventy-nine billion other people, I watched the finale of American Idol last night.  Unlike seventy-nine billion other people, I did not get a chance to actually see who won until about five minutes ago.  D. and I DVRed the finale, which cut off (thanks, Fox!) at precisely the wrong moment.  So, the Jolie household sounded like this last night:

(Ryan Seacrest speaking from TV): “The winner, by 12 million votes, of American Idol 2008 …is….Davidddd—” Delete.

(Jolie and D. yelling like maniacs at the top of their lungs): “NOOOOOO!!!!!!”

We had to check to discover the winner.  Damn technology!  Although I was a little nervous that David Archuleta would throw himself off a building if he didn’t win, he seems to be handling it well, and I’m definitely happy that Chris DaughtryDavid Cook won in the end. 

Would have totally thrown my training bra at little David when I was twelve, but now that I’ve made it through puberty, I find rocker David quite sexy, even with the belly peeking out above…
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