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Dark Patches on Skin {Reader's Query}

Posted Aug 22 2012 10:40am
I am publishing one of the reader's query and would really appreciate if you guys can give any pointers to the problem.
My daughter is 7 yrs old. There are some dark patches on her neck and elbow and knees. that makes her more dark . Can u pl. suggest me what shud i do ?
My reply.

regd the dark patches, are they coming now or were they there since before (may be from birth). I would say use sunscreen on her. I wouldn't suggest you to use any DIY or anything on her coz she is too young to get into all that. just face wash and moisturize properly. rest, you can take care of as she grows up but don't for go sunscreen. (I am sorry for this typo but I meant DIY) 
Her query continued.
Thanx a lot for ur reply. These dark patches are not because of this recipe. I dont know when they came but probably for last 2 yrs they are. I used many medicines given by Drs. but no use. sometimes they disappear but come again. Dr. say its eczema but some of them say no eczema. I dont know what is this but it really made my and my daughter's life a hell. I accept color has no value now a days but on the other hand when somebody ask or make a fun at least that person (my daughter) gets hurt. She asks me to make her fair like others because she does not like when girls give comments. Anyways i m using ur recipe.lets wait and watch & hope for the option. When she was 2 yrs old she was fair (I used to apply besan and yogurt daily) but after that her color started becoming dark and when she was 5 yrs old then these black patches problem started. 
My reply.
hi Sandhya...yes, I do understand how it is when people make fun!!! especially on children it has even adverse effects. one thing I would suggest is sunscreen. another, what I am thinking is that she has probably got hyper pigmentation problem or melanin has been over-produced.
Honestly, I am baffled with the issue. I would suggest her to go to a doc but knowing the dermatologists, I know how irritating it can get and not to mention, the expenses!! In case, you have any experience with this issue, a lot of help would be appreciated. And, I do know that I am not a doc or anyone.

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