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Dare to Change : Learn a new Activity!!

Posted Nov 27 2012 9:35am

Oh yes, I have let this series lie dormant for quite a while. I don't know why but I got extremely lazy. I have been meaning to write this post since quite long but was never in that frame of mind. Because, this particular activity is both physically and emotionally challenging for the body. 

I was ready for the physical but not emtional aspect of the post so we shall just skip it for now. Though, beware, I might write about that in the flow of the post :) Sometimes, when we bloggers write, we just forget what all we should put in words and write almost everything that comes to mind. 
In fact, only a few nights back, I actually realized that I was WRITING. I mean how different is writing articles from blog posts?? I had always thought I hate writing and here I am confounded with that revelation which was always there in the deep recesses of my mind. Ok, I am digressing.
Ufff...see how we get carried away :D Anyways, that is human nature. We get carried away doing something and discover something else in the process which we absolutely fall in love with. So, its a good thing to learn a new activity. 

It can be anything from the simple womanly accomplishments from the Victorian standards like knitting or stitching to the mannish activities of riding a bike (applies to both genders). You know many women have told me that riding a bike is a life-changing experience.
In fact, my professor always used to ask me if I knew knitting. Because, he used to draw analogies between knitting and programming. Well, yes, it sounds funny in the first hearing but its true that when you learn more and more things, you tend to see the patterns in everything.    
And, those very patterns are things which you apply whenever you face problems in any area. There are books written on this topic (problem solving). So, that's why you should learn new activities. It helps change perspectives, broaden the mind to various other aspects which you might have been blind to and look at things HOLISTICALLY, as my prof would say. 

Well, I guess in the end, the post really became about more of emotional than the physical advantages of learning the activity. Anyways, these reasons are also good enough. Btw, I want leave you all with a question - Do you think running and walking are similar activities? 
So, what do you think about learning a new thing everyday? And, don't forget to answer the question asked in the end :)

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