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Cry Baby

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:03pm

Cry Baby

I love the American beauty blog Bellasugar, it is full of fun quizzes, trend inspiration, crazy beauty facts and has some really excellent practical beauty tips.

Recently, they published their tips for looking good after crying which is something nearly all of us could do with a bit of help with on occasion! Here’s what Bellasugar recommended to reduce post-tear puffiness.

“Have a drink”: Drink water to hydrate the skin and flush out any swelling.

“No sleep?”: Don’t go to sleep right after shedding a few tears or you’ll still look puffy when you wake up. Instead,lie down and relax with your head propped up and use cucumber, cold and wet teabags or potato slices as compresses.

“Massage “: Using your ring fingers, gently massage your eyes to help decongest the area. Applying an eye-cream first will not only brighten and hydrate the area it will minimise the tugging on the skin as you massage.

“If you’re stuck in public”: Bellasugar recommends taking a moistened tissue and blotting it under the eyes. “Take a few deep breaths, dab on some concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and think of something funny to uplift your spirits”.

Makeup tips: Wear a bright, bold lipstick to take the focus away from your eyes and an off-white eye liner or shadow around the inner v’s of the eyes to lighten the eye area. Avoid warm shades that will highlight any redness and consider blue liner or mascara to help counteract the red tones instead.

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