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Cor Silver Soap and Silver Anytime Moisturizer

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:00pm

cor-silver-soap.jpg Have you heard of Cor Silver Soap?  A few of my friends haven’t been able to shut up about it…and then I met the creator at a party, and I thought, “What the hell…I’ll give it a go.”  New skincare that randomly comes into your life is hard to truly gauge–you need to use it for at least 2 months to properly assess how it works with your skin and to monitor benefits.  That being said, I’ve used the soap several times and have been impressed; it features silver, which has anti-bacterial properties, fights acne and speeds cell repair.  Other ingredients in the soap include marine collagen, natural silk proteins, and Chitosan, a fiber that evens skintone and helps combat excess oil.

So, that’s the scoop.  The soap is pretty damn expensive ( $125 for 120 gm, although you can get a travel version here for only $14 ), but it’s billed as a hero-product, miracle-in-a-bar situation that replaces your need for everything but sunscreen.  I must admit, it feels a little iffy to advise people to pay $125 for something that they’ll only have on their faces for 10 seconds a day.  (The website says it will last you 6 months if you use “with discretion.” 

(Side note: I have also been testing the Wonderbar off and on for the past couple of months, another miracle bar soap I really like, which–at $40–is cheaper than Cor and seems to inspire equally fervent devotion.  Check out the Testimonials that result after the “Healing Crisis.”  Good stuff.)

cor-the-silver-anytime-moisturizer.jpg Where I get a bit geeky, however, is with the Cor Silver Anytime Moisturizer …which I am rapidly becoming obsessed with.  Obsessed.  It’s also $125…but really is worth it.  It smells divine, is luxurious and sinks into skin quickly, helps increase collagen production, and also does your laundry.  (Well…) 

Facial moisturizers are a tricky thing–none of them are the fountain of youth they claim to be, but you can see real benefits from a quality product.  To my mind, what it comes down to is the “It Factor” — it has to work, of course, and make your skin look glowy and feel soft and steer clear of breakouts…but does it also have that ineffable star quality that makes you panic when the tube runs dry and you find yourself in need of more?  If “yes”…then you’ve found a winner.

Cor Silver Anytime Moisturizer?  Yeah, it’s a winner.


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