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"Connie, you look tired..."

Posted Mar 05 2012 12:00am
After 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, this is as "well-rested" as I can manage. I'm aware that I "look tired". If I hear someone say that to me one more time I'm gonna go berserk!
For the gazillion-th time, I feel fine! I'm not tired! T_T It's not like I haven't been doing something about those puffiness and dark circles.

I'll show you the treatments that I've tried recently after the jump.

In the recent few months I've tried
  • Melvita Naturalift Youthful Skin Complex for Eyes and Lips
  • Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On
  • Clinique All About Eyes
Melvita 's a brand new all-organic cosmetics line in our shores and I was impressed with their huge array of products. I was given the Naturalift Youthful Skin Complex for Eyes and Lips (RM163/15ml) to try and um, if it worked I wouldn't be writing such a post. To be fair, it wasn't meant to treat dark circles and puffiness. Regardless, I didn't experience any reduction in lines. My eye area did feel a bit more moisturized and the the texture of the eye cream wasn't greasy. I didn't use the product on my lips because the formula contains beeswax and my lips aren't very fond of that.

The Garnier Roll-On (RM24.90/15ml)  is a pretty popular product and it supposedly contains caffeine which is claimed to be a very good ingredient for dark circles. Perhaps the caffeine dosage in this roller isn't very potent because it did nothing for me either. The roller feels good to massage the eye area and it helps slightly with the puffiness but the effect doesn't last long. Out of the roller ball is a clear lightweight serum that sits well under makeup. I'm actually wondering right now if I could use coffee bags on my eyes...

Clinique All About Eyes (RM130/15ml)  was once a very popular eye product in the market. I tried it once a long time ago when dark circles weren't my concern. Now trying it again, I'm left wondering why this product doesn't work on me. Why do I have to fall into the lower percentile where a popular product doesn't work on me? Compared to the the other two eye treatments, this one has a creamier texture but it isn't heavy. I got some hydration out of it. Better than nothing, I suppose. *groans*

Fun Fact: Did you know that eye treatment products are typically 15ml and have a shelf life of 6 months once opened? In order to prevent eye infections, eye products should not be used after 6 months and 15ml is plentiful for 6 months.
Despite the fact that these eye treatments did squat for my eyes, I'm not saying that they will not work on others. Out of all skincare products, I'm quite convinced that eye care is the most subjective one of all. Once again, I'm already on to trying another eye treatment. I'm yet to decide if it works on me.

Contrary to obviousness, I don't have full (or even partial) makeup on wherever I go. For instance, I wouldn't be wearing makeup when I'm visiting a relative in the hospital or working out in the gym or going on a 4WD adventure. While I'm a huge supporter of makeup (hence the blog!), I don't wanna be someone who shouldn't be allowed into daylight without makeup on. I'm not looking for "naturally beautiful", mind you. I'd happily settle for "plain" as long as it's not "tired".

Do you have any suggestions for me (products aside) on how to battle them dark circles and puffiness? Or perhaps just a witty comeback for the next person that tells me I "look tired".
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