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Cologne’s Trèswhite Supreme Obsession Continues

Posted Apr 20 2010 5:18am

Contributing Editor Cologne Schmidt writes:

I have always been a huge fan of Trèswhite Supreme’s pre-filled and disposable whitening trays—so hearing they have now strengthened and revamped the formula is like music to my ears.

This is how much I love them: I put them in on the street yesterday while leaving work and wore them home on the subway. The whole time I was desperately hoping no one was going to try to talk to me (or heaven forbid I run into someone I know), because I would have to reveal what a freak I am that I chose to whiten my teeth during my 25 minute commute. Luckily, I made no new friends, and got home from work with significantly whiter teeth than when I left.

Trèswhite is very easy to use—and covers all teeth, unlike many ‘strips’ out there. You pop in the tray and pull it out, and it automatically leaves a clear covered whitener on your teeth. They have now increased the formula to 15%, meaning more effective results in less time (as short as 25 minutes, as demonstrated by my train maneuver). This is three times the strength of the leading white-strip. Trèswhite Supreme is about as close to a professional dentist whitening as you can get—without actually having to pay the big bucks. You do; however, have to buy the product from a dental office. Go to to find all dentists in your area that carry them—and there are a lot, so chances are yours already does! Smile!

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