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Clothing fashion trends for spring-summer 2010

Posted Mar 15 2010 4:00am 1 Comment

When it comes to fashion, it should be totally personalized according to your figure, taste, and preferences for certain fabrics and colors… You all know what suits you and what doesn’t, it’s okay to experiment a little but know how, and most importantly, know when to take these risks!

Today’s article is about the hottest clothing trends for spring-summer 2010. I hope you can find it as a real inspiration source! And for today I have chosen as your fashion shop!

black-one-shoulder-dress-fashion-trends-2010 One-shoulder Apparel

Dresses and tops with one shoulder are a big part of the asymmetric shoulder line look that was hot all last year. A single-shouldered top goes well with everything from denim to gowns. For example, a one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical form-fitting top is a hot look: sexy yet conservative, it is bold without being tacky. This one-shoulder look accentuates a woman’s shoulders, well-toned arms, and collarbones. You can have this dress with 21.50$.

Beyond the Knee: Trends in boots

Over-the-knee boots are now a must-have item for any fashion victim. From tasteful suedes to futuristic sheens, this look is definitely a hot trend. Meanwhile, traditional leather boots in classic brown or black will ‘take it up a notch’ and right over the knee! These boots also look great in everything from maroon or neutral tones, to brighter colors, as well.

denim-shorts-fashion-trends-2010 Cycling shorts

Yes really. There are no words, so we’re simply moving on. For the braver aficionado: the leather hot pant. Think a more relaxed, less gold Kylie in that video. These denim shorts from, cost only 19.50$

The bodysuit

Here at List Towers we’re the first to admit that these 90s bad boys were never the most comfortable of fashions what with all that poppers-at-the-crotch business, but effectively they were like a wee touch of Spanx before the world’s greatest invention ever got a look-in. Keep them peeled for baroque’s new range; if their tights are anything to go by, their body range should be flying of the shelves and into your wardrobes in no time.

short-denim-pants Denim

Is still the latest trend in fashion 2010 and you will find a glance of denim beneath the leather jackets and over sized blazers. Jeans will never be out of fashion and the latest fashion trends 2010 have the distant past back in action. Torn jeans and patches make a comeback and are teamed with military jackets and even a simple white t-shirt. These denim pants cost 24.50$ at

Say good bye to your skinny pants and say hello to looser pants. The Jodhpurs influenced by horse riding and Zorro, have come on the fashion scene as a fresh day wear option. Those who are inclined towards sports will find the fashion trends 2010 have a lot to offer. The lace-up shorts and v-necks are back with more sexy looking sweat pants. You can wear these to a casual date and not look out of place! looser-pants-fashion-in-2010-spring-summer

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Clothes are very important part of our personality as it gives our first impression to others and tells lot about us like about our taste, lifestyle and status.

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