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Christmas Cards Make Me Happy

Posted Dec 16 2010 10:52pm
JennySue's Christmas card display!

Since Christmas is my most FAVORITE time of year (totally beats out my birthday-hands down), it also comes with favorite traditions.  And my favorite tradition since I've owned a home with my husband, has been to display all of my Christmas cards that I receive that year in the mail.

I just love love love seeing what friends and family do with their cards every year and to see how my friend's children have grown and multiplied- even the ones with peoples pets!  I usually stick these cards all over my kitchen hutch (that I really love from Crate & Barrel that Scott (hubby) got me when we moved into our home 5 years ago) until it's completely covered then I stick Christmas lights and garland on top!  Voila, a festive feast for the eyes!!  I even have included all the holiday arts and crafts my boys have made at school which adds to the decor.  And for the really good cards we receive, I keep in a box and pull them out each year to look at them again.

The mother of all Christmas cards has to be the fiercely searched Kardashian family Christmas card. 

Apparently they go all out each year to top the previous years one, and this years 2010 one is fab-u-lous to say the least.  They are all decked out and fancy which is fitting of this reality tv show phenomenon family-although, couldn't we get a smile from someone - especially baby Mason?  Ya'll know from reading my blog, that I love this family, especially Kim K. (I can't get enough of her hair and makeup!) and since I've been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians since the beginning, I feel like they should be displayed on my hutch!

My 2010 family Christmas card- seriously.

Well since I can't afford the postage to send to all my lovely followers, here's a little peek at my family Christmas card.  There is definitely no staircase, expensive clothing, or serious tone.  We went for a family photo that shows just how crazy and out of control our lives are with 3 children under 5.  You can't see the wording on the card, but it says "Peace, love & Joy."  Fitting and ironic, because we have very little peace in our house, but lots of love & joy!!

And if you think this might be a slightly awkward Christmas card to send out, you haven't seen anything yet.  Check out one of the most hilarious websites out there, and scroll through their holiday selection.  I'm not even going to try and describe what you'll see there, but they are extremely funny AND awkward and keep you entertained for hours!!  Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you are enjoying this time of year as much as I am!!
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