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Choose the perfect fringe for your face shape

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:02pm

Did ever thought about how to make a radical change? And here I mean a new trendy look. The quickest way to get a new look and to feel different is to get a kind of a haircut, cut your fringe in a fashionable way. If you already have a fringe, maybe you choose a different style, and if you don’t, follow our advice and get the perfect fringe that matches your face shape.

Choose the correct fringe for your face:

2006-red-fringeSquare-shape face: a long fringe, with so called “little claws” will add volume to your face. To get sweeter features, ask your hairstylist to cut your hair in stairs.

Oval face: you are a lucky one, but I guess you already knew that. You can choose any type of fringe you want. It can be an asymmetrical one, long fringe, short fringe, no matter the size or “weight” It can be a full straight fringe or you can choose a side-fringe.

severe-short-heavy-fringe-bangHeart-shape face: you need to search for the perfect fringe that will milder your jaw line. The heart-shape face has a prominent jaw line, and you need to opt for a thick straight fringe, right under your eyebrows line.

Round shape face: because you will always look younger than you really are, and you can experience the “chubby face” childhood “syndrome” all your life, we recommend a soft medium-long fringe, but stay away from the side fringes! Opt for a full fringe.

Different types of fringe:

  • Straight cut fringe – it is cut just below the eyebrows, in straight line from one temple to another. img-thing
  • Lost in a part, side fringe – starting from the hair path to one side and another, the fringe is long, it is covering almost half of your forehead and it has a stairs cut.
  • ”Claws” fringe - is a modified version of blunt, straight cut fringe, in this case the hair stripes strand separated from each other, like little “claws” that cover the forehead.
  • Asymmetric - this fringe can be a work of art, and may have different lengths and shapes, the only rule is that irregular hairstyle lines.

Post from: Beautips

Choose the perfect fringe for your face shape

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