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Choose the correct bang style for your face shape

Posted Sep 03 2010 3:05am

When you want a change, the first place you seek for it is the hair….hairstyle. You can change your hairstyles very easy and together with them, your entire mood. We can change its colors, its length, we can add hair extensions or make it short. But, if you want a real change, get your new hairstyle together with a new bang.

To make the right decision you have to ask yourself a few questions: would your physiognomy match to the desired bang? What is your face shape and how to get the right bang shape? This article will provide the information you need so you can correctly choose the bang that will suite you best.

Oval and oblong face shape

Your face is slightly longer than wide
Your jaw-line is slightly rounded with prominent cheekbones
The outline of your face is an inverted egg-shape — your face is widest at the cheekbones. Your forehead is fairly broad (broader than you jaw)
Your eyes are evenly spaced, with one eye width distance between them
Your hairline may be rounded


Oval shape face should be everyone’s ideal. If you have very good proportions, well, you can choose any kind of fringe you want. Though, if you have small irregularities, be careful: Chralize Theron has round cheeks and a short bang would accentuate this feature. The ideal bang would be a side one. Follow her example and go for a medium long haircut and a side bang. You also have to pay attention to the distance between your eyes: if you have narrow eyes you can go for a “full” bang, I mean you don’t have to worry about its thickness, otherwise, choose a layered bang, long enough to cover your eyebrows you won’t wear it on a side.

Square face shape

Your face is almost as wide as it is long, forehead, cheekbones and jaw line all about the same width
Your jaw is broad and your jaw-line is square
Your hairline is most probably straight.


If you have a square face shape, you should opt for a layered haircut, a longer bob would fit you best, but regarding the fringe, well…it’s up to you. Because you may have a pretty face with prominent jaw lines and the only thing you should do is to cut your hair with a long, side bang, more like a hair tress, not like a bang. The other advice: choose a long wispy one. Fullness at the sides of your face and wispy bangs soften the look of square face shapes. Height at the crown will elongate your symmetrical shape.
Avoid blunt bangs or airy bangs that come to your jaw line (a common look for a chin-length bob), as these types of bangs will only cause your face to look sharp.

Round face shape

Your face is almost as wide as it is long
Your jaw-line is round and full
Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and round
Your hairline is most probably round

Cameron Diaz round face shape side bang hairstyle

Keep hair sleek at the sides and you can lengthen the face by choosing a hairdo with plenty of volume on top. Avoid round or geometric styles because they’ll only accentuate the roundness. Also avoid hard lines and wide block fringes that sit above the eyebrows. The most flattering bang styles tends to be built upon long softly layered or feathered bangs (if your hair texture, type and condition support feathering) which gently hug the cheeks areas to minimize round cheeks.

Heart shape face

Similar to the oval, but the face narrows below the cheekbones, reaching a defined pointy chin.
Your face is slightly longer than wide
Your jaw-line is long and pointed
Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. They are often high and pointed
Your forehead and jaw-line are tapered
Your eyes, nose and mouth are well balanced vertically


Side sweep your bangs and cut them slightly below your cheekbone to show off your facial features. Avoid bangs that go any shorter than your cheekbone as it will draw attention to your wide forehead. Avoid as much as possible: short, full styles that emphasize the upper face. Stay away from styles with too much height at the crown. Severe, slicked back looks are too harsh for this shape too. If you are a dramatic heart shape, the short, full styles with tapered necklines, which emphasize the upper face will make you look top heavy. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin.

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