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Chemical burn from Veet in bikini area. Blisters and pus... PLEASE HELP!

Posted by princesscalico

I used Veet's hair removal cream last night on my bikini area and the front. As soon as I applied it, it began to burn like no pain I have ever had before. I washed it off straight away but the pain continued. I applied Sudocrem but the pain remained. I was up at 3 this morning, walking around my room trying to distract myself from the pain, despite having taken pain killers. It has now blistered and is oozing. I was at the chemist and they gave me a burn gel (God love the poor chemist, she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever heard) I really need help on this... My debs is in 4 days and I need to get rid of the pain and the blisters!!


PS I had used the patch test previous to the application- with no negative consequences

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Hi. I did the exact same thing yesturday (8th April 2010) after using veet for the first time. It worked fine on my arms/legs and then i thought, hey it'll work fine down there... i applied and for a minute it was fine then a searing pain started. As i was doing it in my bedroom, i literally ran to the bathroom and got into the bath and turned my push on shower on and washed it all off. I have been left with a nasty coloured (pickled beetroot red) burn down there. I went straight out in pain on the bus to our local tescos and got some Savlon which is for burns and is a first aid treatment (thank god for my paediatric first aid training). It has worked a treat... i have no pain there now as long as i apply it every six hours, but a nasty coloured burn area which is unsightly. Hopefully it will go away, if not an embarrising trip to my doctor it will be... =(

Anyway, advice to anyone reading this, do NOT use VEET on your lady bits, bikini line, inner thighs etc as i have now since read online that the skin is weaker there as it is made of a different composition compaired to say feet skin, arm skin..

well iv just typed in 'burnt from veet' into google and was glad i found this page as right now im sat here legs akimbo with my lad garden blistered and covered in cream!

your right it was the worse pain acid being poured over me id say!

worse thing is i went to the walk in clinic last nite and was given a cream for 'itchy rash' it was the worse thing they could have given me as when i put it on i screamed the house down from the felt like my skin was being torn off.

so this morning went back to a&e and got the right cream for burns and antibiotics.



Hi All, I used Veet cream last nite, i have been using this for years and all of a sudden after i put it on it burnt the life out of me, i put some water and took pirton and put some moisturiser on this, its very very red and sore i am going to my doctor today.i cannot believe this has happened i cannot understand as i always use it on my bikini line
I used it down there on a little bit of hair. after feeling like my skin was being peeled off i panicked to take it off, and oh my god the pain in trying to take it off made me weep.  Even with just running water from the shower head.  It was all blistered, red and sore and even swollen and constantly weeping.  Tried using savlon, let it sink in to it then applied baby powder so it wudnt stick to my knickers.  Unfortunatly the weepynes from it does make it stick to ur knickers and when u try to detach it, it feels like ripping a plaster off....i tell you what, i'd sooner wax myself instead as i imagine its a lot less painful!!!

I work as a fashion photographer and it is not uncommon for me or a co-worker to get burned - lights, props - anything!  When these accidents happen, without hesitation, i apply Made From the Earth "Pure Aloe Vera Treatment". I keep this product on hand at all times. I went to the beach with my children and experienced the worse sun burn i have ever experienced. I fell asleep in the sun. I remembered this product was for burns and i prayed it would work... MAGIC is the best word for this product. It was soothing, fast acting, cooling, long lasting, non-greasy, non sticky. 

I went from being in tears to wearing clothes and leaving the house in 2 days. 

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