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Can Thyroid Problems Cause Hair Loss?

Posted Sep 08 2009 10:47pm

Faz is concerned… My hair keeps falling a lot and is getting quite thin, my hair usually falls out while I am brushing it or washing it. My mum says I may be short of some nutrition and may be because I don’t drink enough water. What can I do? coneheads

The Right Brain responds:

Here’s another example of why our Beauty Brains Forum is so fabulous. When Faz asked this question earlier this year, some of our astute Beauty Brainiacs (Marynel, Janis, Purplerules, Tsunamino and others) jumped in and asked Faz if she’d gotten a doctor’s opinion. That’s because her symptoms sounded like they might be beyond a cosmetic “dry hair” problem. Specifically, they suggested she get her thyroid checked.  So, we thought it might be helpful to educate all our readers on thyroid and hair loss.

Thyroid and hair loss

The thyroid is a cute little butterfly-shaped gland in your neck which is responsible for producing hormones. When it makes too much ( hyper thyroidism) or too little ( hypo thyroidism), your hair can suffer. Some people feel that their hair changes in texture; it becomes coarse and brittle and looks dull. Others experience hair loss, usually in the form of large clumps. Besides the effects on hair, you may also experience weight gain or the inability to lose weight, constantly feeling cold, constipation, high cholesterol, sharply reduced sex drive, and (my personal favorite)”brain fog.”  Since there are many diverse symptoms it’s tough to know for sure if your issue is caused by your thyroid – all the more reason to consult a doctor. (Sources: WebMD / WiseGeek.)

The Beauty Brains bottom line

If Faz was a 36 year old guy with male pattern baldness, we’d probably recommend sprinkling on some  Toppik Hair Building Fibers. But since she’s a 15 year old female, we couldn’t agree more with our fave Forum females: she should make a doctor’s appointment! If you’re having severe hair loss, the problem is probably not with your shampoo or conditioner.

Faz, are you still out there? Write back and tell us what you found out about your hair loss.

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