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can botox cause double vision, a slightly smaller pupil and a droopy eyelid? within a week of receiving botox I woke up w/ these

Posted by tiffani

I was given a new kind of botox ( i think it's dyspro - I know it started w a d). 7 days later I woke w/ a sever droopy eyelid, my pupil is somewhat smaller, I have double vision when I first get up but it gets better as the day goes on ( my vision is still a little off but I don't see two of everything)
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Hi Tiffani,

I can't tell when you wrote this, but the exact same thing happened to me.  When I spoke with the clinic, they said I should see an improvement within a week of the onset of the droopy eyelid.  Or I could get an expensive eye drop that may help, but to wait the week first.  It's only been 4 days since it started for me.


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