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California Attorney General files lawsuit against Brazilian Blowout for “deceptive identification, advertising and promoti

Posted Nov 10 2010 2:59pm

Big thanks to our friends Alexandra Spunt and Siobhan O’Connor at No More Dirty Looks for sharing this news with us: California Attorney General Edmund Brown has filed a lawsuit against Brazilian Blowout.

In the lawsuit, which you can read in its entirety at No More Dirty Looks , the State of California:

- “seeks to remedy defendant’s failure to warn consumers and cosmetic workers, and to inform the state Department of Public Health, that the popular ‘Brazilian Blowout’ brand salon hair treatment product ‘Acai Professional Smoothing Solution’ contains high levels of formaldehyde”

- They state: “Laboratory tests belie the company’s safety claims, however, and specifically contradict its web site and other marketing claims that Acai Professional Smoothing Solution has ‘NO FORMALDEHYDE!!’”

- “This complaint additionally seeks to remedy defendant’s deceptive identification, advertising and promotion of Acai Professional Smoothing Solution as ‘formaldehyde free,’ ‘hyde free,’ ’salon safe,’ or ’safe.’ California deceptive advertising law prohibits any person from making or disseminating any statement that is untrue or misleading with respect to property or services offered for sale.”

Kudos to the State of California for defending consumer rights and combating unsafe deceptive advertising.

It’s not really about the formaldehyde (although, of course, in such high quantities, it’s a known human carcinogen and I don’t know why anybody would now agree to perform or undergo a formaldehyde straightening treatment). Rather, the outrage is about companies willfully misleading consumers and withholding crucial health information that we need to be aware of when deciding whether or not to have a treatment.

For me, the parallels to Big Tobacco are clear. You want to smoke? At least now we all know it’s bad for us – we’re big boys and girls, and it’s your health, your right and your funeral.

To actively claim and aggressively promote the message of zero health risks…when it appears that the opposite may be true? Hell, no.

And if Brazilian Blowout did knowingly lie about their formaldehyde levels, as it appears and has been alleged: shame on them.

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