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Bye Bye Pasty Pale Skin!

Posted Feb 10 2010 12:00am

Yes this is me in front of a fire truck, photo taken by my 4 year old, story to come and relevance to title of pale skin to follow...

Pasty, pale, dull skin is the pits.

Nothing puts me in a worse mood than that type of skin I just described, and I'm living with it right now. It seems like this has been the coldest winter season I can remember in South, and frankly I'm sick of it. So of course my skin color is suffering due to the lack of sunlight!

Since my fair skin can't seem to get any sun rays this winter, I decided to quit complaining and do something about it!!

After all, my son and I were heading to the local fire station for his class field trip, so I had to actually get myself presentable this morning instead of the usual drop-off in a hat and sunglasses! (Although I cheated a little by braiding my hair as you can see up top instead of washing it.)

So after following my usual makeup regime, I decided to shake things up! I added a liquid bronzer to my regular foundation, and what do ya know, it instantly perked up my skin tone!! Oh the magic of makeup and the things it can accomplish.

Here's a somewhat scary photo of me applying the liquid sun to my foundation this morning. My husband walked into the bathroom and literally screamed, okay, gasped, "what is wrong with you??" I figured I would show you that I did NOT apply liquid bronzer all over my face, because that would just look too fake. So I made stripes of it along the sides of my nose, top of my cheekbones, half moon shape over my chin, and along my hairline. This is a contouring trick that gives your skin highlights instead of making you orange all over.

I think the photo up top (taken by my cutie/photographer 4 year old of course next to the fire truck) shows that although my skin is very pale right now, it's a pretty luminescent pale!! I actually didn't feel soooo pasty this morning. I used Red Earth's liquid bronzer, which is now discontinued, but Cargo's Multi Mix liquid bronzer ($28) available at CVS and is basically the same idea.

If you struggle from drab winter skin, give it a boost with liquid bronzer instead of a powder. It boosted my mood for the day!

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