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Buyer Beware (or Fraud Alert)

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

About a year ago I started seeing ads for unbelievable skin care products that promised to make you look younger over night. If memory serves me correctly, that product was called Hydroderm . Hydroderm is still around despite the fact that they received t his warning letter from the FDA (this is the longest FDA warning I have ever seen).Well, due to the success of that ad, I am now seeing more and more companies jumping on the band wagon. The newest is an ad that takes you to a which looks like a personal blog of a woman named Heather that lives in your hometown!

Upon further inspection, Heather lives no where near you or anyone else because she doesn't exist. The company is using your IP address and inserting your location into this "person's" blog. Here is the ad with your IP address and it shows Heather lives near you and here is the same link done through a proxy server that shows that she is from nowhere. This is fraud and I have reported my findings to the FDA...however, they probably won't do anything in enough time before this company makes millions.

Heather is pumping two products that promise to turn back the clock 20 years. One product is a capsule that has resveratrol which is produced by a Greek company named Purplesky limited. Because this is a foreign company, I could not find a lot of information on them, but I did find this entry from the complaint board  If you want to get the benefits of resveratrol into your a bottle of red wine. It's cheaper than the $79.95 price tag for the capsules and its more fun when you share it with a friend.

The other product Heather is pumping is a skin cream called Dermapril which has Matrixyl 3000 a peptide. This product is being produced by company called Rauscher | Bekke LLC. If you look into this company on the Better Business website you get this glowing report.  This company has over 580 complaints against them for poor business practices.

I have two points, 1) there are no overnight miracles 2) know who you give your hard earned cash to

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