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Breast care with breast reconstruction plastic surgery

Posted Oct 17 2012 9:47am
Don’t bring me down. Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, breast cancer is now being detected earlier and treatments are offering more and more promises to patients.   Although many women get breast cancer, it is not a common cause of death and taking early actions to treat the disease can help save your life. In the early stages of breast cancer, the growth starts out small and may be hard to detect without any medical equipment. Check for breast cancer regularly by feeling if there are any new lumps in the breast or underarm. If you notice any changes in your breast area, discuss it with your doctor during your next visit. Women between the ages of 50 to 70 should routinely get a mammogram once every two years. Mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancers and can catch the cancer up to three years before it begins to show symptoms that could be felt. Don’t let the cancer take over your life and consider contacting a Los Angeles breast reconstruction center to preserve a strong psychological perspective on life. For more information about Los Angeles Breast reconstruction please visit:

Early detection of breast cancer allows you to be proactive in the treatment and helps you fight your way back to a normal life. After undergoing a mastectomy to remove the cancers, consider a breast reconstruction to regain control of your life. Search for a well-qualified and sensitive surgeon to perform the breast reconstruction for breast cancer in Los Angeles. When it comes to breast reconstruction, the choice to undergo the surgery is not the same for all women.   Many disagree with breast reconstruction because they believe that it only improves physical appearances, but the surgery has psychological benefits as well. It actually helps maintain a sense of wellness and give the feeling of moving forward from the disease. Breast reconstruction is not considered cosmetic surgery, and is actually part of treating the disease. The timing to get reconstruction done varies and depends on each woman’s preference. Getting breast reconstruction during the same time as getting your mastectomy has been recommended because it reduces trauma and avoids the discomfort of undergoing two major operations.

When you decide that breast reconstruction is for you, search for a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to perform the surgery. Choosing a surgeon that is board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons means that you are getting a well qualified surgeon and are in good hands. Discuss any concerns or all options that you have with your physician about breast reconstruction. Dealing with breast cancer may be a fragile time and receiving all the support from the medical staff is absolutely necessary.

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