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Breakouts Are Like A Thunderstorm While You Are On A Beach Vacation

Posted Aug 03 2010 11:55am

There is nothing more depressing than going away on vacation to somewhere beachy/tropical in hopes of catching some rays, and then the bottom falling out on you. I think this is the equivalent of a major breakout on your face, ANY day of the week.

(Or if you are a celeb like Cameron Diaz and the paparazzi catches you on a bad skin day, that's depressing)

So here are a few suggestions on how best to cover up your breakout issues:

  1. Less is honestly more. Too much concealer draws too much attention to the breakout, so use a light hand and multiple applications until you get the right amount of coverage.
  2. Use an oil free foundation when covering up areas of redness and apply with a sponge. The oil free formula is to keep additional breakouts at bay while using a sponge makes the application not too heavy.
  3. Play up the areas on your face that don't have the break out surrounding it, so as to draw attention to the clear areas! If you have a chin breakout, wear nude lipgloss and smokey eyes or colorful eyeshadow. If you have a forehead breakout, wear minimal eye makeup and a bright red lipstick so people are looking down at your mouth! You get the idea.
  4. Use a thick enough concealer that is opaque in color. Dab this on with a brush that has a tiny head right on top of the pimple (as long as it has NOT been popped or messed with- aka, gooey and broken skin) then fan out the concealer along the base of the pimple.
  5. Set your concealer with a translucent (colorless) powder applied with a powder puff. This ensures that you don't wipe off the concealer with a brush and that the puff is actually setting the concealer and making it stay put.

Not that thunderstorms are always a bad thing though!!

It's been dry and annoyingly hot down here in the South, and we finally got some MUCH needed rain today. So what did we do? We decided to play in the wet stuff. Here is my son absolutely loving getting drenched by the thunderstorm we were blessed with. How I often wish I could learn to take as much joy as a child does in finding the most simple ways to entertain themselves:-)

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