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Braces update

Posted Nov 26 2008 10:18am 1 Comment

Well, the braces are on, and it’s hardly a picnic, but I think I’ll survive.  To be fair, since they’re clear and only on my bottom teeth, they’re barely visible.  Eating with them, however…not so fun.  (And definitely not a date-approved activity.)  I’m grinding and clenching my teeth less, which has led to fewer headaches–the very reason I bit the metal bullet in the first place!  Unfortunately, my weirdo lisp has become much more pronounced…at least, I think so.  My friends say I’m overly sensitive and being crazy (you say I’m crazy?  I got your crazy!).

I posted a video on YouTube, but it cuts out after only a few seconds for some bizarre reason.  Me = not so technologically advanced.


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Oh I remember the lisp!! I have braces on the top and the bottom. My first language is not english and it seemed like my accent had been multiplied by 10. No one noticed, but I did and that eas enough for me... Trying to say mum was almost imposible lol.


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