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Books 2014 Vol. 4 - "The Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith aka J.K.Rowling

Posted Feb 16 2014 1:30am

Finally, I finished the book. As far as I remember, I had mentioned this in the first week of January or soon after. Yup, a crime thriller which took me almost one month of reading. And thereafter, I gave myself a few days to internalize the book to know how I feel about it.

So, lets begin to talk about the book. The story begins with Robin lost in thought of her recent engagement and hunting for the office where she is supposed to be acting as a temporary secretary for a week. Cameron Strike, the detective and an ex-army guy who lost his leg in Afganistan, is her employer. 
Strike has recently broken up with his ex-fiancée and has been living in his dumpy office. He is completely broke, receives murder threats from his previous client, and in huge debt. Robin's arrival to his office changes his fortune in one way!! He is visited by John Bristow, a lawyer, to ask Strike investigate the death of his sister, the very famous model Lula Landry, which had taken place three months back.
And, then, begins a very disconnected process of investigation which picks up pace in the last few pages of the book. The entire plot seems to like have been churned out in bits and parts from all the other detective novels. That is also one of the reason I could not bring myself to stick to the book. 
Accepting that book is good in bits and parts, I think it could have been easily edited to a novella if we leave out the personal lives of the detective and, though less described, his assistant. They stand out in the entire process. One tends to lose interest about their personal lives and ends up wondering why they picked the book!!
My VerdictIt is not an amazing book and you are not losing out on anything by missing it out.
Have you read the book?
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