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Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rules

Posted Oct 05 2010 5:58am

Hilary with Bobbi Brown

Hilary Englert writes:

According to Bobbi Brown, the queen of cosmetics, “your teenage years are all about discovering who you are.” Although I’m still discovering myself at the age of 24, I wish I’d had the opportunity to meet Bobbi back as an awkward, gangly, insecure, pimple ridden 15-year-old!

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with her, discussing beauty, makeup, and growing up at an event for her new book Beauty Rules. Bobbi’s gregarious personality is contagious, and she seems to truly understand and relate to women of all ages and at every stage of life.

As I flipped through Beauty Rules, I was continually impressed.  Beauty Rules shows real girls–each with her own unique look and own set of challenges–dealing with makeup.  (Bobbi actually discovered the girl who graces the cover working at her neighborhood diner!) She embraces the idea that every girl has a story, and that these unique stories are what make people beautiful.

It has taken me nearly a decade to fully feel comfortable with my looks and sense of style, and I still have plenty of off days. That being said, Beauty Rules reinforced my ability to appreciate who I am and realize everyone has insecurities, which makes feeling good about myself a lot more attainable.

Bobbi was kind enough to demonstrate a complete makeover on a live model, which went smoothly until we got to the blush. A hand shot into the air, and within minutes everyone in the room had something to say about it.  ”Who wears blush anymore when we have bronzer?”  ”Which shade is good for a particular skin tone?”  ”How do you apply it without it looking cakey or obvious?”

Bobbi famously believes in wearing blush; her trick is pinching your cheeks and using the color they turn as a guide. Fair skin tones work well with a lighter or brighter pink and darker skin tones are more suited to peach shades. Sweep blush from the apple of your cheek to your ear, and then blend downward. (Powder or cream blush will both get the job done.)  I left our meeting with a renewed affection for the cheekbone definer–a quick application of blush is easy and gives my face extra vibrance!

In addition to her words of guidance and instruction in her newest book, Bobbi just launched , an interactive website which offers more customized beauty tips and sneak peeks into her Beauty Rules book. This website illustrates the Bobbi Brown products in more detail, which is helpful if you are looking for a new addition or a fresh take on an old faithful, like the SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer I swear by.

Just remember whether you are looking for makeup or using it, Bobbi says “rules are made to be broken.” That’s a piece of advice we can definitely embrace!

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