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Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rules bash

Posted Oct 07 2010 6:58am


Last night we went up, up, up to the giddy heights of the Paramount bar at the top of Centre Point for the launch of Bobbi Brown ’s new book for teenage girls, Beauty Rules. The bar had been converted into a make-up parlour with BB experts on hand, effecting make-up transformations on beauty journalists and their daughters.

We had a chat with model-turned-DJ Ben Grimes before she hit the decks and played on the computers which had little beauty quizzes designed to give teenagers (and, actually, us) sensible advice on make-up, beauty and self-esteem issues.

bobbi-brown-bookIt may seem contradictory to be all “yeah! True beauty comes from within!” and then give tips on applying make-up, but actually that paradox is a pretty accurate reflection of a lot of women’s feelings about beauty.  We know we shouldn’t be obsessed with external appearances – it’s shallow to obsess over your looks all the time. But try squaring that with the feeling you get when your freshly-washed hair is looking its best, or getting a thrill out of a perfectly applied red lip or swoosh of liquid liner. Why should we feel guilty about wanting to look good?

I think the point that Bobbi is making is that it’s ok to care about your appearance and use make-up to enhance your looks, as long as you’re staying true to yourself and not trying to look a certain way because it’s in fashion or you feel you ’should’. And this is truer for teenagers than anyone else, as they’re just starting to work out who they are and how they want to come across. To this end, she’s also launched her Pretty Powerful campaign . The message of Beauty Rules is don’t hide behind a mask of make-up, use it cleverly to reveal the real you.

Beauty Rules (Chronicle Books) is out now in bookstores nationwide, rrp £17.99

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