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Bloated Stomach - Do you feel uneasy after a meal? {Health}

Posted Jul 13 2012 2:30pm
On a good note, I have started taking care of my food habits and even though I am not yet up to the mark, I am better. So, a genuine request to all - never ever unnecessarily skip your meals, any of them. Now, its been a week since I have been regular with my lunches and dinners but initially I started feeling a lot bloated. So, I sat down analyzing what was wrong with my food. 

Acidity Issues
When your body has gotten used to irregular eating habits, regularizing can give rise to many issues, first and foremost being the acidity issue. So, always keep a pudinhara with you though I don't really recommend medicines. But, still. Another way to combat this acidity is to eat less. Yes, always start with smaller portions of food and spend around 20 minutes finishing it off. 
Take lesser amount of proteins and carbohydrates as they are difficult to digest and go more on salads and fiber. A very important and crucial tip which helps with weight loss issues as well. Go lighter on eggs as well as they are heavy for the body. That helps not to make your stomach feel like its gonna burst. 
Rice - Brown or White Ok, so, I have never been a fan of rice. In fact, I don't like rice except for in very rare circumstances and generally avoid it. I prefer chapatis. And, also, I noticed that white rice makes my tummy bulge a lot and makes me feel not so very easy. Then, I started having brown rice. Well, to my disappointment, even brown rice didn't suit me as its very heavy and makes me feel a lot uneasy. 
So, I decided to cut out rice completely from my diet. And, as soon as I did this, my stomach was happy and very carefree :) So, a little mention here that exercising everyday helps a lot with the metabolism and lesser portion of food is very important to maintain weight and remain healthy. Also, if you are a fan of butters and ghee (like me!!), well, try to reduce it as body needs a lot of energy to breakdown the fat and generally, ends up storing it making you fat!!! 
Those were my observations this past week. What do you think helps with keeping the body light and full?

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