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"Black Out" Day For My Hair And Eyelashes

Posted Jul 31 2010 12:13pm
With all of my pending expenses with a third child coming into our life in less than a month, money is TIGHT to say the least. And it's a baby GIRL, so of course there is a lot that goes into prepping for a tiny female with her girly decorated room, wardrobe, and many accessories. My two boys don't even require a brush to their hair sometimes, so this is going to be a big change for me!!
So even though we are pinching pennies and not spending above our means, I am trying to find new, less expensive ways to keep up with my beauty routine. "Just because I'm pregnant and broke doesn't mean I can't look fabulous;-)"

One of my major beauty musts is to color my hair. The grays are quickly popping up all over my head, and it's way too early in my opinion to let mother nature rear her gray head. I've been doing my own color at home since high school- that's over 15 years ago- and typically buy the more expensive and newest hair colors on the market in the same soft black to brown black shades.

I was grocery shopping the other day, and browsing through the color aisle, and found Revlon Colorsilk Permanent hair color, and it was only $3.50!! Could this really work or take the place of my more pricey color? I picked color #20, Brown/Black, and decided to give it a shot. It was cheaper than my Edy's Ice Cream I can't live without!! HA!!

Lo and behold, my new cheapo hair color got the job done, and it's super shiny (check out the close up picture up top of the side view) and exactly the color I was striving for. Granted these pictures are from the first day of application, so I can't vouch for how long it will stay or how it will wear, but I'm really pleased with the outcome so far.

Now that I got my new cheap hair color covered, it was time to find a way to darken my lashes. Sephora is offering a mascara duo of Dior's two top mascara favorites called Dior Best In Show ($18), which has two small tubes of Diorshow and Diorshow Black Out. They're basically half the size of the regular tubes, which run $24 and $28 dollars each. I've taken some before and after photos of my lashes for you to see how the Black Out formula works.

Obviously my lash line before mascara.
One eye done with two coats of mascara.
Both eyes finished with three coats of mascara- the more the merrier right?!

Even though I have a very limited budget these days, it doesn't mean I have to look like it. It just takes a little searching and some willingness to try out new products to see what works for you. Experimenting with beauty products is fun and you might just find a diamond in the rough!

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