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Beware! Steer Clear of These Ingredients: Parabens

Posted Jul 06 2009 3:13pm
April 17th, 2009

Paraben free!?  Fantastic … but why should you care?

Paraben Parabens are chemicals used in skincare, pharmaceuticals, and other products as a preservative.  Parabens can be found in things from lipstick and shampoo to the food you eat!  It is much less expensive for a company to use an artificial preservative as opposed to natural ones (which, historically, were unreliable preservative systems), so they can be found in most cosmetics and skin care these days.

Now, why are they bad?  Over the last few years, quite a bit of research has gone into finding out   just how bad  parabens can be for our bodies.  While there have been studies that return incredibly scary results, there have also been studies that prove them to be less dangerous; but if even one study returns questionable results, why risk it?

Parabens have been found to disrupt hormone function (they try to mimic the hormone estrogen) and has been linked to the development of breast cancer.  Our delicate bodies can only take so much or the hormones that we ingest day to day … so why slather it on the outside of our bodies, too?

Once again, enter Organicare!  All nine of our products are paraben free and safe.  Time to turn over a paraben-free leaf!

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