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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery - Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Positive Changes

Posted Feb 05 2011 7:18am
In Southern California, plastic surgery has been a long-lasting, if not permanent means for men and women to love the way they look and feel about themselves. In Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery is particularly popular as many patients may feel insecure or uncomfortable with certain features of the face. With the procedures and treatments provided by a Facial Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills patients can reduce wrinkles in the face, or remove droopy under-eye bags all beginning with an initial consultation.
Aging is a natural process that takes place in the body; however, this may be mostly visible in the face and around the eyes. Some men and women may look tired and aged from droopy eyelids or under-eye bags from volume that has been lost from these areas. With a Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills patients can look and feel refreshed and youthful with a procedure that restores the lost volume to the surrounding area of the eyes. This procedure is recommended for patients who have sagging eyelids or droopy under-eye bags but do not need a facelift as surrounding areas of the face may not need a rejuvenation treatment. During the initial consultation for this procedure, the facial plastic surgeon will assess the patient’s need for a blepharoplasty procedure. Patient candidacy will also be based on the patient’s medical history, current state of health, and also the facial skin laxity. Once patient candidacy has been determined, the facial plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure in detail, what to expect, and what to do in preparation for the procedure.
A consistently popular facial plastic surgery procedure among both men and women has been Rhinoplasty for a number of reasons. The nose is a prominent feature in the face and may draw too much unwanted attention if it is too large, too wide, or has a nasal tip that needs reshaping. This many make some feel insecure or uncomfortable with the shape and size of their nose, and may often opt for a nose reshaping procedure. In Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty patients are able to refine and reshape the nose to a more pleasing contour that also fits in well aesthetically with the surrounding features of the face. Rhinoplasty procedures are complex which is why patients are encouraged to receive the procedure from a facial plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty procedures for optimal results. The results are a nose that is refined in shape and size to better fit the patients’ overall facial profile.
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