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Benefit of Coconut Oil for Skin Care

Posted Jun 13 2012 3:30am

Recently I wrote about  the benefits of consuming coconut.

Today I would like to discuss coconut oil for skin care.

Body Oil

Coconut is very good for the skin; however, I would not recommend it for the face because it is a heavier oil that has the potential of causing breakouts.

Coconut oil is best used after a shower when the skin is moist. The oil has an amazing natural fragrance that I find intoxicating, and it leaves the skin soft and supple for most of the day. Its natural sunscreen protection is perfect for sunny months and keeping the skin youthful! Be careful with this oil though because, ­while it is solid in cooler temperatures, it liquefies in warmer temperatures. One day I opened the jar sideways thinking it was still solid and spilled a good amount on the floor.


This may sound crazy, but you can use coconut oil all over your body, including your feet and armpits. Yes, I said it! As I mentioned in my previous blog, coconut has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. I also want to mention its antimicrobial properties, which makes it great for those areas that tend to produce odors.

I am not a fan of conventional deodorants because they may cause us more harm than good.    I have tried deodorants from health stores but have found that some of those products irritate my skin and do not prevent odor for long. As odd as it sounds to apply oil to your armpits, coconut oil has been the most effective for me.

As mentioned  here, deodorants are alcohol-based and cover up the odor caused by bacteria.   Unlike conventional deodorant that covers up the funk, coconut oil is active in getting rid of it.   

If you would like to try it out, I recommend extra virgin coconut oil found at many health food stores. It typically cost between $10-12 for a 15 fluid ounce jar.

 Want to know more? There are many articles out there that cover the benefits of coconut and coconut oil. My next beauty topic will be coconut for hair care.

I recommend Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil found at Wholefoods, Vitamin Shoppe, other natural food stores.

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