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Beauty tip: Applying eye cream

Posted Jul 31 2009 9:33am

Remember how, when you were younger, your mother would admonish you not to make faces.  “It will stick that way!” she’d shriek.  (Or was that just my mom?)  The skin on your face is undeniably delicate, and the more you move it this way and that–not to mention poke and prod it–the more quickly time will take its toll.

Keep this in mind when applying your eye cream and when taking off eye makeup.  Use just your weakest 4th finger to pat–not rub–on eye cream, which will apply the least amount of pressure to the easily wrinkled area.  Wrinkles can be supremely sexy badges of womanhood (I’m sorry, but watch Unfaithful and tell me Diane Lane and those eye crinkles aren’t the hottest things ever!), but they can also drag your eyes down and make you look tired.  We fight the battles we can win…and a little less tugging on the eyes is a small, but significant step!


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