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Beauty Science or BS - Poll 39 Answers

Posted May 07 2009 9:24pm

The last poll we put together a list of anti-aging treatments and asked you to figure out which one was the FAKE. Well, hundreds of you responded and here are the results. grapefruit_conquered

1. Perfume that makes you look younger - TRUE

31% of you thought this was the fake, but it’s real. According to fragrance designer Harvey Prince, Ageless Fantasy is a perfume that takes advantage of the fact that certain odors are related to certain age groups. According to their research, women who wore their perfume were rated as being younger than their actual ages.

It turns out grapefruit odors make people think you’re younger while rose odors skew higher in age

2. Facial scars make men more attractive - TRUE

A few of you (8%) thought this was the fake but it’s real. A study published in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences demonstrates that women rated men’s attractiveness higher when they had a facial scar.

The opposite was true when men looked at pictures of women with scars.

3. Clean people are less judgmental - TRUE

This one fooled 35% of you. It’s actually true. This report published in the journal Psychological Science shows that people who are excessive hand washers tend to cut other people moral slack. They had 2 groups of people rate moral dilemmas. One group washed their hands prior to rating while the other didn’t. They found that the people who cleaned their hands were less judgmental.

Apparently, feeling clean also makes you feel more compassion.

4. Prior to the 1970’s people normally washed their hair once a month - FAKE

Here’s the fake story and only 27% of you were able to identify it. Frequent hair washing actually began in the early 1900’s according to this NPR report. But it was in the 1970’s when the trend to wash everyday became encouraged.

The power of marketing. It’s not the best advice for your hair however.

How did you do? Did you get the right answer? Leave a comment and let the rest of the Beauty Brains community know.

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