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Beauty Question: Treating red skin

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:10pm

K writes:

Hey ‘Jolie in NYC’,I am in desperate need of something to reduce redness. Normally I just have really un-even skin but lately I am always red. I hate wearing full on foundation but I look permanently sun burned! I called my dermatologist but my appointment is two months out. He is killing me but whatever. Is there anything over the counter that works? Thanks for your help… You Rock! 

Hi K.! I feel your pain; I, too, have a complexion that tends to look tomato-red when left untreated. You might have rosacea, a fairly common skin condition that causes skin to flush when exposed to heat, sun, alcohol, stress, etc. (Basically, to life.) Definitely keep your appointment with your dermatologist, but in the meantime, there  are  products at the drugstore that might help. Check out the  Eucerin Redness Relief  line,  Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF 30  or (for something pricier but a favorite of many)  B. Kamins Booster Blue Rosacea Treatment. And not to be a total broken record, but you really should consider  Bare Escentuals mineral foundation to help cover your redness. It feels weightless on your skin but covers redness like a dream (especially if you use the full coverage kabuki brush) and also contains sunscreen. (A note for those of you who have sensitive skin often irritated by sunscreens; physical sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—which is in Bare Escentuals—will normally not irritate skin. It’s chemical sunscreens, like Parsol 1789 or mexoryl, that cause more sensitive complexions to react negatively.) I hope that helps until you can make it to your derm!


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