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Beauty Question: How do I apply Bare Minerals properly?

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:10pm

A. writes:

I bought  Bare Escentuals bareMinerals foundation  and am still a little shaky applying it.  I’ve read the brief primer on Sephora’s web site but find steps like ‘buff the bareMinerals into the skin in a circular motion…’ (huh) a little hard to visualize.  I emailed Sephora to suggest that they offer a video demo.  Since you’re a pro with mineral makeup, I thought maybe you could offer some tips.  I was a little heavy-handed in the bathroom this morning (on only my second day wearing it) and had to start one side over again.  I think I might look like a ghost!  Thanks.

Hi. A!  Thanks for the question.  BE can be a little tricky to apply at first (and, seriously, what the hell does “buff it into your skin” even mean??) but it really is very simple once you learn how to do it.1) Take off the sticker from the jar (either fully remove it, or peel it back about halfway.)  You’ll see about twenty tiny holes, and that’s where you’ll shake out the makeup from.2) Sprinkle a little of the powder from the exposed (or half-exposed) holes onto the inside of the black jar lid.3) Take your brush and put it on the makeup in the lid, then move the brush around the inside of the lid, until you’ve swept up all the visible makeup there.4) Tap the brush against something (your wrist, the sink, whatever.  Anything will do!) to let the extra makeup on the outside of the brush float into the air.  (Don’t do this two inches away from your new black or white shirt, as you will then be covered in tiny particles of makeup!)  The point of the whole lid swirling/tapping exercise is to get the makeup on the inside of the brush, rather than sitting on the edge of the bristles.  This is so the makeup is applied better and more naturally, rather than glopped on.5) Spend about five minutes lightly applying the makeup to your face with the brush.  I like to start on my cheeks, working my way to the nose, go around the crevises of the nose, get my eyelids, go up to my forehead, work around the edges of my face, then go onto my chin and the area under the chin.  Take your time.  Buff, paint, press, insert-whatever-verb-you-want-to-use-here…just put the damn brush against your face and apply the stuff!6) Repeat steps 2 -5 as much as is necessary to get a good application.  Doing it once or twice will give you light, tinted-moisturizer-esque coverage; doing it several times will make your skin look as flawless as a china doll’s.  Have fun!


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