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Beauty book for spring – innocent but sexy!

Posted May 08 2009 11:36pm

Perhaps you have a long list of plans for the summer.
In case you forgot, put on the list of priorities  a change of look. And what helps more than a flash makeup ?

Zoom your eyes XXL eyelashes.

After applying  first mascara layer, spread over a black powder paint on the eyelashes  to give them volume. Come back with  the second mascara layer to redefine them.
Of course you can solve the problem with a pair of fake eyelashes. The enlarge  effect of the eyes can be created with the help of Pearl make-up.


Penetrating eyes

Contour with electric color. Use an outline pencil strong colored to sketch the outlines eyelids, then press slightly  with a cushion to create the “smokey” effect. If you do not have colored pencils  or eyeliner , draw the line with a thin brush soaked in water and make-up the eyelids.

Masterpiece eye effect

Application of the eyeliner on the  eyelids only half creates an unexpected effect.
Start-outer corners of both upper and lower eyelid and stop right in the eyeball line.Apply then a metallic make-up to internal angles of the eyes, Mascara and a  lighting powder.

Sweet kiss

thirsty-lips.jpg Try pink . A pale lipstick shade is suitable for spring because emphasizes the skin,and the  eyes look more intense-make-up will not be eclipsed. Outline your lips with a pink pencil to avoid overreach the lips, then choose  a similar shade of lipstick or gloss. Press slightly your lips on a napkin to remove the excess . The lipstick  will resist more by using this trick.


foundation.jpg Instead of foundation cream use a lighting lotion so that  your skin looks healthy and velvet-like. If intending to use the corrector, apply it before the lotion.

Light skin

Cancel foundation cream .YES, you read correct.Make-up artists  advise you to give up the foundation cream, particularly at high coverage, with an aspect mask. Use a  corrector to conceal spots or pimples, then apply a mineral powder on the entire face.

Refresh yourself

Use the effect of cold air to make skin look better. Stay in front of the open freezer for 20 seconds - low temperature will prepare the skin for application of makeup products to be easier.


Seductive shoulders

When you wear a dress with naked shoulders, should not only focus on make-up. Apply a first lighting lotion, and then some brown powder on shoulders, collar bone and breasts.

Zoom on neck opening

Apply a brown foundation between breasts, then uniform the shade with a brown powder, which you apply on breasts, and on the lower neck area.

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